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Original Para Kit

OneLifeUSA’s Original Para Kit was first commercially manufactured 25+ years ago. This after the product specifics were established by a personal visit from its creator. She was a research doctor and published author. Her input helped ensure our products met her stringent specifications. This kit is based solely on her research and recommendations.Its formula is a targeted approach to promote balance gut flora & support a healthy immune system. This formula was not only her first clinically used, but she also considered it her most trusted version. This kit includes her three original products: Wormwood- 120 caps (no Quassia or Male Fern additives), Cloves - 120 caps (pure, fresh ground) and Black Walnut Tincture (extra strength – made form GREEN hulls). Each kit contains enough product to compete one protocol plus one maintenance cycle. There are NO flow agents used in these products.

When the doctor’s research studies were first presented, we did not have the scientific insight we have today. Therefore, it should not be surprising that at the time of their publication, conventional medicine did not agree with her. She hypothesized that those suffering from a variety of health enigmas harbored too many ‘bad’ bugs and not enough ‘good’ bugs to effectively combat their health issues. Therefore, her clinical research focused on showing that eliminating the ‘bad’ bugs, would allow the ‘good’ bugs to flourish, and the result would be an improvement in overall health. After years of research, she published hundreds of case studies that seemed to show her hypothesis had been correct.

Her published studies revealed the method she used. It involved three natural ingredients (Cloves, Black Walnut Tincture and Wormwood). After numerous adjustments to the specifics (strength of ingredients, sources for the raw materials, amounts, number of days, etc.), she was confident in her formulation and began to use it in her clinical trials. This became known as her ‘original cleanse protocol’ (original recipe) and is the source for OneLifeUSA’s Original Para Kit.

As it is now understood; there is a strong relationship between the gut and the immune system as well as the gut and the brain. Therefore, addressing the health and balance of gut flora has the potential benefit of addressing symptoms throughout the body. Perhaps, now we realize the doctor who published those studies and case studies, years ago, was maybe onto something of significance.

As research continues regarding the direct links between gut flora and health issues, most experts agree that we have not yet even begun to scratch the surface. We do acknowledge there is importance in targeting gut function or gaining a healthy gut balance and that it may become one of the most important things we can do for our overall health.

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