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Cleanse Steps

What's Next and Related Products

This initial step is designed to follow the ‘weed’ portion of the ‘weed and feed’ approach to balancing gut flora. (weed out the bad, feed and replenish the good). Step one is the basic protocol – it uses the 3 products in varying amounts each day as specified in the doctor’s published protocol or as directed by your healthcare professional. The Black Walnut Tincture (double strength from green hulls) is packaged in a dark colored bottle with an eye dropper top, the pure Cloves are a bottle of 120 capsules, and the pure Wormwood (No Quassia or Male Fern added) is a bottle of 120 capsules. All the products in OneLifeUSA’s Original Para Kit are Non-GMO and do not contain any flow agents. For details on follow-up kits, continue to scroll down this page.

Origina_Para_Kit Product Page

This step is commonly used following OneLifeUSA 'sOriginal Para Kit; however, it is also a great follow up to any cleanse. It was designed to follow the ‘replenish’ phase of the cleansing process and serves as the ‘Feed’ portion of the ‘Weed and Feed’ approach. Your selection: OneLifeUSA 's Post Cleanse Kit. This kit contains three products: Colon Clear (helps flush away any residual debris), Liver Health (helps support healthy liver function) and ProBalance probiotics (helps replenish good gut flora with a special blend of 7 different species of ‘good’ intestinal bacteria inducing the clinically proven DE111. All the products in OneLifeUSA’s Post Cleanse kit are Non-GMO.


The weekly maintenance protocol is often referred to as a weekly ‘booster’ to help ‘maintain’ the benefits of the Original Para Kit. The length of time you stay on the maintenance protocol is up to you and/or your health care professional. Your selection: OneLifeUSA’s 15-week maintenance kit. This kit contains 1 bottle of the Original Cloves, 1 bottle of the Original Wormwood, and 5 bottles of the Original Double Strength Black Walnut Tincture. All the products in OneLifeUSA’s Post Cleanse kit are Non-GMO and do not contain any flow agents.

Maintenance Kit Product Page

The following is our selection of cleanse and gut micro flora balance related products. Select and combine products; customizing the best protocol for you.

  • Can-Balance Kit is a targeted kit that includes the Can-Balance product and the ProBalance probiotic product. Its objective is to help control the overgrowth of Candida and then with probiotics, help rebuild a healthy and balanced gut flora (necessary to help prevent the repeat of Candida overgrowth). Clicking on the picture will take you to their product page for details.
  • CanBalance Kit

    Black Walnut Tincture

    Double Strength Green Hull


    Natural and targeted

    CanBalance Kit

    2 part cleanse

    Colon Clear

    Mild Yet Effective


    No flow agents, pure

    Digest Ultra Pro

    18 different enzymes

    Green Tea

    Premium -98% Extract

    Liver Health

    Ultimate Liver Care Supplement


    30 Billion Probiotics

    Original Para Kit

    3 part - 18 Day Cleanse

    Para D

    10 day Targeted Para Detox

    ParaD Kit

    2 part cleanse

    Para Maintenance Kit

    15 Weekly Cycles

    Post Cleanse Kit

    Rebuild naturally


    5.75 billion probiotic


    Clinically researched


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