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Apple Bran Fiber Chewable Tablets (Kosher Certified Product) 100 tabs ***SOLD OUT** ETA: 8-8-14
Fiber is increasingly recognized as an important dietary element. If you cannot tolerate wheat and other grains, using apple bran as a source of fiber is a good choice. This is a sugar-free product.
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Black Walnut Tincture - 1 oz.

Black walnut is an herbal product derived from the hulls of a species of walnuts that grow on the Julgan nigra tree, native to deciduous forests of the eastern United States and Canada. Black walnut hulls are manufactured and sold for a variety of health-promoting purposes.  They are most popularly recognized in connection to skin fungus, intestinal parasites, warts and mouth sores.

Their connection to health issues stems from the numerous phytochemicals they contain. Phytochemicals are antioxidant compounds found naturally in plants that help scavenge free radicals as well as prevent and treat human disease. Black walnuts are very high in the phytochemical tannins.

OneLifeUSA's Black Walnut is a liquid tincture.  It is included in our Parasite Cleanse Kits - all of which follow Dr. H. Clark's protocol.  Because of her specifications, it is double strength and made from the green hulls of the nut. 

This product is available for sale as an individual product or as part of one of our Parasite Cleanse kits.

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Candida Cleanse (step 1 of cleanse kit)

After much research we are thrilled to introduce a two-step Candida Cleanse. This product is step 1 of a two step cleanse kit.  This blend contains a natural and optimally synergistic combination of herbs  to help prevent yeast imbalance, and support candida cleansing, healthy intestinal function and digestive balance.

The object of step one is the cleanse; rebalance the Candida population. The object of step two is maintenance; to replenish the good bacteria, thus keeping the growth of Candida under control. For information on the complete kit, please see the product: Candida Cleanse Kit.

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Candida Cleanse Kit

This is a complete solution that first controls the yeast imbalance and then rebuilds healthy intestinal flora to help prevent re-infection. By blending natural herbal components in proper ratio it provides effectiveness and maximum absorption. It has shown to be more effective at helping to prevent re-infection (than all-in-one products) because the ingredients targeting the Candida overgrowth are taken separately from those that are intended to help re-establish a healthier intestinal flora.

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Cloves - 120 caps


Most of us associate cloves with the holidays or baking and may not familiar with their centuries old history as an effective medicinal.   Their active ingredient, eugenol,  is known to be an effective painkiller and also helps kill bacteria and viruses, giving cloves antiseptic (infection-fighting) abilities. 

For years they were chewed to temporarily relieve toothache pain and today can be found as an active ingredient in many mouthwashes and toothache remedies. They are commonly used as a topical to treat athlete's foot and other skin infections. Those traveling often carry clove capsules and take them as a preventative to traveler’s diarrhea.

Perhaps cloves have received the most attention for the role they play as an anti-parasitic.   According to most studies, the thousands of eggs laid by parasites on a daily basis are destroyed by cloves.  They are one of the three components of the well known Dr. H. Clark’s parasite cleanse kit and are made to her strict specifications.



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Colon Clear - Natural, Mild Laxative - **New Lower Price!-60 caps
Colon clear is a gentle all natural and highly effective formula. As a mild laxative, it will not disrupt your daily routine. No cramping.
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Complete Post Cleanse Kit- Colon Clear En-Balance Pro-Biotics plus Liver Health

The Complete Post Cleanse provides enough product for one adult to complete the Post Cleanse protocol. The kit includes 1 bottle of Colon Clear, 1 bottle of En-Balance     and 1 bottle of Liver Health.

Colon Clear is a gentle all natural and highly effective formula. As a mild laxative, it will not disrupt your daily routine. No cramping. It's purpose in this protocol is to help remove any residual parasitic debri or unhatched eggs from the digestive tract.

En-Balance is a probiotic and digestive enzyme blend formula design to replenish the 'Good' bacteria and help restore a healthy digestive system. This product is especially effective because it contains not only a shelf stable broad spectrum probiotic, but also a complete digestive enzyme blend (to help promote the breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates).  Dr. Clark felt the replenishment of the digestive system to be extremely important: not only after a parasitic infection, but after any disease.

Liver Health contains only 100% pure herbal ingredients. Parasites gravitate to the liver, as it is an excellent source of blood and nutrients.  Damage done by parasites can prevent the liver from functioning efficiently.  A healthy liver is key to good health: it detoxes the body better than any detox diet, pill, or detox cleanse.  Fortunately, the liver is quite capable of restoring damage when provided with proper nutrients and care.   Milk thistle, turmeric, and lecithin, along with other ingredients have been combined into a formula engineered to effectively help restore and repair a healthy liver. .

This kit is commonly used following the Parasite cleanse. It effectively 'washes' the intestinal tract of any parasitic 'leftovers' and then replenishes the body with 'good' bacteria and digestive enzymes to help re-establish a healthy  

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Daily Multiple with Plant Enzymes - 60 caps
A customers' favorite! A one- a -day powerful multiple vitamin, exceeding expectations with regard to quality, effectiveness and value. With vitamins A to Z and the ONLY with a blend of digestive plant enzymes.
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Digest Ultra Pro- 60 caps

The digestion or breakdown of food is extremely important to overall health. If we can’t break down our food, the byproducts become toxic to our bodies rather than beneficial . Common signals that your digestive system is lacking sufficient enzymes to break down food: Gas and bloating.  PC Nutrition Digest Ultra Pro's  formula of digestive enzymes was customized to support the digestive process by focusing on hard to digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Used by health care professionals for years, it is now available to our entire customer base.  

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En-Balance Probiotics and Enzyme Formula

En-Balance is a custom formula that effectively blends the top 10 probiotic strains (good bacteria) and the 8 most effective digestive enzymes into one capsule. It is the only shelf stable (does not require refrigeration) formula containing this unique combination. Humans are born with billions of bacteria living in their digestive tracts (Most are ‘good’, some are ‘bad’). To maintain digestive health, a proper balance between the two must be maintained. When there is an imbalance, diarrhea, constipation/irregularity, bloating, gas and other intestinal discomforts can result. Studies show blending probiotics and digestive enzymes has proven to be a more effective than either alone.  

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