Cholesterol Drugs & Co Q-10


     We recently published the breaking news that Statins (cholesterol lowering drugs such as Lipitor, Crestor, etc.) slow or block your body’s ability to make its own Co Q-10.

If you take one of these drugs you are probably familiar with the list of their side effects. One of the most common, and the one that causes most people to stop taking these drugs, is muscle pain. Scientists now know the probable cause of this serious side effect.

Studies have shown that Statins work by blocking an enzyme that helps manufacture both cholesterol AND Co Q-10. Co Q-10 is needed to help muscle cells generate energy. So, as these Statin drugs slow or stop your body’s production of Co Q-10, your muscle cells do not have the components they need and pain can result.

Supplementing with 100 mg of Co Q-10 a day was shown in studies to help cut the muscle soreness associated with taking Statin drugs.

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