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Basic Starter Kit Plus 1
Parasite Clease Kit-Black Walnut Cloves Wormwood
Parasite Cleanse Kit
1 Complete Cleanse
Plus 1 Maintenance Cycle
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(120 Cloves, 120 Wormwood, 1 oz Double Strength Green Hull Black Walnut Tincture)


Basic Starter Kit Plus
 Bonus Maintenance
Parasite Clease Kit-Black Walnut Cloves Wormwood
Parasite Cleanse Kit
1 Complete Cleanse
Plus 3 Maintenance Cycles
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(120 Cloves, 120 Wormwood, 2-1oz Double Strength Green Hull Black Walnut Tincture)_________________________

Be Aware

Of the Following Facts:



Companies are marketing 'all-in-one' products containing black walnut, cloves, and wormwood and implying these products have been "proposed by Dr. Hulda Clark".  They are listing these products under "Dr. Clark Products" and have even gone as far as to use her last name as the basic name of the product.  These same marketing scams are using direct quotations from her books, 'The Cure For All Cancers' and 'The Cure For All Diseases', in an out of context fashion, to mislead the reader in believing Dr. Clark promotes using these ingredients mixed together in one formula.



You may wish to consider just a few of the inconsistencies.  If you are interested in more, consult Dr. Clark's books and read about her research and compare for yourself.

1. In Dr. Clark's published 'recipe' for using her parasite cleansing regimen she specifies the black walnut should be a liquid, the cloves and wormwood should be dried ingredients - encapsulated for ease of use.

2.  Her basic cleansing 'recipe' runs an 18 day course, requiring 1 ounce of black walnut tincture prepared to her published specific standards.  If these all-in-one products are marketed as 2 ounce preparations and state that is enough for at least five cleanses...something is NOT following Dr. Clark's protocol.

3.  In Dr. Clark's  published 'recipe', days 7-12, specific amounts of cloves and wormwood are specified.  There is NO black walnut mentioned.  If the product is all-in-one, how do you delete the black walnut?

4.  Another issue arises between day 5 and 6 when the amount of black walnut increases dramatically and the clove and wormwood amounts stay the same.  How would this be possible to accomplish with an all-in-one formula?

5.  Further consider Dr. Clark specifies black walnut and cloves are consumed 3 times per day, the wormwood, once per day.  Again, not a possibility with an all-in-one product.


Perhaps these products are effective, however, they are CLEARLY NOT formulated to use if you are interested in following Dr. Hulda Clark's parasite cleanse regimen.


What is further disturbing is that companies are promoting these products as equivalents to Dr. Clark's original parasite cleanse.  Strictly for profit, they are misleading the consumer to believe that by using these all-in-one formulas they are following Clark's research and will therefore achieve the same results. Further, by misusing quotes from her books and her name on the product, they have led the consumer to believe Dr. Clark has endorsed or proposed this type of formulation.


We recommend you discuss the use of parasite cleansing with your health care professional.  If they have suggested Dr. Clark's parasite cleanse; read your labels carefully and be certain you have purchased products that meet her specifications.




To be certain you are using products manufactured properly:



Parasite Cleanse - A Few Basics

-This parasite cleanse product is based on the published research by Dr. Hulda Clark.

-Dr. Clark recommends 500 mg of Cloves -  freshly ground.  Pure cloves ONLY - no other ingredients should be included.  Read your label carefully.

 Click here to see our Clove label.

-Dr. Clark recommends 250-300 mg of Wormwood.  There should be NO OTHER fillers with the Wormwood.  The research at Washington University is also based on Pure Wormwood.  Read your label carefully.

Click here to see our Wormwood label.

-Dr. Clark recommends fresh Black Walnut green hulls.  Onelife's GMP certified lab reviewed the procedure and guideline with Dr. Clark to insure our Black Walnut meets her specifications. You may note in Dr. Clark's books she instructs you to look for the green color of this tincture to insure its potency.  This applies when you are making it in your kitchen. When this tincture is manufactured in a GMP laboratory, scientific testing indicates the validity of the product, not color.  It is quite simple to add substances, such as vitamin C to Black walnut tincture and change the color to green.  Our product is a double maceration (Double strength) at a 1:1 ratio of gm herb to ml menstruum (1/2 teaspoon contains extractives from 2,500 mg fresh plant material).  The Black walnut is bottle in 1 oz bottle to insure freshness.  Larger bottles would reduce the cost but it does NOT insure fresh-full strength delivery.  The black walnut tincture does not remain at full strength for long after it has been opened and exposed to air.  Click here to see our Black Walnut Tincture label.

*Important note when using Black Walnut Tincture: One life does NOT recommend the use of disposable pipettes for dispensing the black walnut tincture. If you are not familiar with what a disposable pipette looks like, click here. These pipettes are meant to be used once and then thrown away. For this reason we provide an REAL eye dropper integrated in each bottle.  This insures a convenient and clean delivery system for the duration of your cleanse.  Keep in mind disposable pipettes were developed as a single use devise. Reusing one over and over is a questionable practice.


Parasite Cleanse Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can I get more information about Parasites?

An excellent source is the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website - division of parasites:


Why are the directions on the bottle different than Dr. Hulda Clark's Book?

The instructions on the individual bottles are standardized to that individual product as if it were being taken alone.  The instructions for the parasite cleanse as a kit involving the combination of  three products are based on Dr. Clark's recommendations.

Do I need to do the maintenance program?


According to Dr. Clark, "You are always picking up parasites!  Parasites are everywhere around you!  You get them from other people, your home, your pets, undercooked meat and undercooked dairy products."  For these reasons, Dr. Clark recommends everyone stay on the weekly maintenance program.

The Cure For All Cancers by Hulda Clark"The Cure for all Cancers"
by Dr. H. Clark
The Cure For All Diseases by Hulda Clark
"The Cure for all Diseases"
by Dr. H. Clark

New Research

Highlights new research being done at Washington University.

For years scientists have been working to engineer an anticancer drug that will attack cancer cells and leave healthy cells alone. Recent research from a bioengineer at Washington University just may have done this! The astounding thing: It isn’t a synthetically engineered drug; it’s an herb. 

Almost nine years ago, One Life introduced you to Dr. Hulda Clark, her book ‘The Cure for All Cancers’ and her parasite cleanse kit (Cloves, Wormwood and Black Walnut tincture). We told you her beliefs and medical practices were a bit ‘out there’, however, if she was right… then she just may be onto something. Over the past 21 years, I’ve read volumes of scientific research and spoken to a host of experts and to be honest, have not come across a single mention of anything to do with Dr. Clark’s theory. Recently this has changed.
     Last year we introduced you to a cardiologist friend of mine who was struggling to save his young son’s life from leukemia. Recently he knocked on my door and asked, "Have you ever heard of Wormwood?" As a physician he has turned to conventional medicine; as a knowledgeable, loving father he has also thoroughly explored ‘alternatives’ to help his son. Against the odds, using a combination of therapies, this father is saving his son.
     After reading the following recent studies, make your own decision. Many of your have been a faithful fan of Dr. Clark’s routine for years, if not, this is mighty convincing. 

If you are interested in reading the some of the specifics on Dr. Lai's work with wormwood and killing cancer cells, which is currently being done at  Washington University, please read the article found below: 'Bio-Engineering Research'.                 Listen to customer comments on Onelifeusa's nutritional products and customer service.

 Bio-Engineering Research Dr. Jones (not his real name), my cardiologist friend, discovered Lai’s research as he searched for information that may help him save his young son from leukemia. The following is a brief synopsis of his truly remarkable findings. Lai’s work so impressed Dr. Jones, he is currently giving his son Dr. Clark’s formulas. I cannot imagine a stronger endorsement. 
     Studies on an ancient Chinese remedy for malaria are now underway to see if this same herb will be as effective for cancer. Seattle scientists, led by Henry Lai, a bioengineering researcher, have discovered that a compound from the wormwood plant killed virtually all human breast cancer cells exposed to it in a test tube within 16 hours, while leaving healthy cells alone.
     It seems the malaria parasite and cancer cells have one thing in common. They both like iron. When wormwood comes into contact with iron, a chemical reaction occurs causing free radicals. In the case of malaria, these free radicals attack and bind with membranes of the parasite - effectively killing it.
     In the case of breast cancer, these cells have 5-15 times more pathways to let iron in than normal breast cells. Since cancer is characterized by out-of-control cell division, cancer cells have much higher iron concentrations than normal cells…about 3 times more.
     The basic strategy is to pump up cancer cells with as much iron as they can hold and then introduce wormwood to kill them…a kind of Trojan horse. In lab tests, after only 8 hours, 75% of the cancer cells were obliterated. Sixteen hours later, nearly 100% of the cancer cells were dead, but the vast majority of normal breast cells did not die. This success is particularly noteworthy because the breast cancer cells used in this experiment had been resistant to radiation. Lai adds, "So that means this approach might work for cancer resistant to conventional therapy."
     As might be expected, more aggressive cancers such as pancreatic and acute leukemia, which are characterized by more rapid cell division and thus higher iron concentrations, respond even better. In a separate study, the therapy effect leukemia cells in the test tube within 8 hours.
     Part of these experiments included a dog with bone cancer known as osteosarcoma. Before treatment the dog could not walk across the room. Within 5 days of receiving treatment, x-rays showed the animals tumor had disappeared and the dog enjoyed a full recovery.


Granda Parasite Kit 
Parasite Clease Kit-Black Walnut Cloves Wormwood
Parasite Cleanse Kit
1 Complete Cleanse
Plus 20 Maintenance Cycles
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(240 Cloves, 240 Wormwood, 8-1 oz Double Strength Green Hull Black Walnut Tincture)



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