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  • Contains the antioxidants that help combat eye-damaging free radicals
  • Helps maintain healthy vision with recommended levels of lutein and zeaxanthin
  • Standardized extracts insure potency

Unlike Others:

  • Only formula to combine all of the recommended eye support ingredients into one capsule. These include:  lutein, bilbery, eyebright, vitamins C and E, zinc and now with zeaxanthin.
  • Formulated as a comprehensive eye health nutritional supplement.  This is not a multi-vitamin watered down with an inadequate amount of vision supportive nutrients.

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Product Description:


See clearly into the future? Vision Guard, a custom blended formula, contains all of the studied and well recommended ingredients: lutein, bilbery, eye bright, vitamins C and E, zinc and now with zeaxanthin. Studies show the importance of antioxidants C and E in preventing and slowing age related macular degeneration. These anti-oxidants are also important to fight the free-radical damage that occurs in your eyes as a result of sun fatigue, eye strain, and lack of nutrients in the diet.  One of the most important abilities of zeaxanthin and lutein is filtering out near-to-UV blue sunlight, potentially the most damaging wavelength of visible light, in the retina's light-sensitive macula cells. Your body can't make lutein or zeaxanthin, leaving diet and supplementation as the only means to acquire these vital vision nutrients.  Additionally, a now famous Harvard study showed 6 mg per day of lutein reduced the risk of macular degeneration by 57%! Vision Guard contains the recommended amounts of all these important nutrients.

Customer Reviews:

Author: John M., San Antonio, TX

Dear OneLife,

Recently I saw a compelling TV commercial for an eye health vitamin that really got my attention! I’ve become more aware of my eyesight as it seems each year my glasses prescription gets stronger and stronger and at my last eye exam, my ophthalmologist told me I could look forward to cataract surgery. I won’t name the company specifically, but it is one I think of as my contact lens maker… not a vitamin maker. Anyway, I went online and looked at their product and their information. Again – all very convincing, then just as I was about to press the ‘buy’ button, I remembered you guys had a vision product. After comparing the labels, I was so pleased to see the ingredient similarities between their product and your Vision Guard. Of course, there was one big difference: the price! Your product was over 47% less expensive. Vision Guard is now a regular product on my monthly VIP shipments. Great ingredients and as usual – fabulous price!

Author: Letta and Karl, Spokane , WA

Dear OneLife,

I recently went to my ophthalmologist for a check up. He discussed macular degeneration with me, probably because both my mother and father lost a great deal of their eyesight to that disease. He told me that it is essentially a preventable disease. He suggested I take a product with anti-oxidants and lutein in it, which he sold through his office. A months supply was $69.95 - not covered by insurance. I took the information and told him I'd think about it. He was upset with me that I would not take what he had recommended.

When I got home, I went to your website and where I remembered seeing an article on macular degeneration. That's where I came across your product, Vision Guard. When I compared the ingredients to what my doctor had suggested, I was amazed. Your Vision Guard had more vitamin C and more Lutein, you also had bilberry and his did not. Needless to say, with Vision Guard costing less than $15.00 per month as compared to his $69, I ordered Vision Guard immediately.

Last week I took my husband in for his eye exam and took a bottle of Vision Guard with me. I showed it to our doctor and asked his opinion. Let's just say he was speechless!

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Your Mother Was Right

Remember your mother telling you to eat your carrots because they were good for your eyes? Turns our modern day science has confirmed what your mother knew along. Carrots have a special ingredient in them, called lutein, which has been proven to help protect your vision.

Should You "Supplement" Your Vision?

Do you remember the first time you experienced the 'trombone syndrome'? To see anything clearly you began to extend your arm, just a little at first and with time farther and farther, until you could go no farther. It's easy to joke about this universal sign of aging. But many other eye conditions that affect adults are no laughing matter.

Study Shows: Vision Improves for Those With Cataracts

Results of a double-blind study were recently published in the journal, Nutrition, show people with age-related cataracts who took 6mg of lutein and 45 mg of vitamin E per day, had "significant improvements in visual acuity � approximately 63%- and glare sensitivity also improved.

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