are one of the three components recommended by Dr. H. Clark in her parasite cleanse kit.

As a well noted expert on the subject of parasites, Dr. Clark has written and published several books. Her two most detailed and popular are: ‘The Cure For All Cancers’ and ‘The Cure For All Diseases’. In both of these books she goes into great depth regarding her research and recommendations for how to use three natural products to rid the body of virtually every type of parasite. She is quite specific as to the type of raw materials that should be used, their proper handling and their preparation.

She even gives instructions on how to prep these ingredients yourself! Noting that if they are not handled and prepared properly, they will not work to kill and remove parasites from your body. If you have the time and inclination, you can follow her preparation instructions provided in both of her aforementioned books.

In 1995, OneLifeUSA was contacted by an existing customer who’s wife was being treated by Dr. Clark. He was very impressed with his wife’s progress, but found the ordeal of preparing the ingredients too much. He asked us if we could make it for him. To be honest, we were skeptical about the whole thing. However, after some research, realized that regardless of how one may feel about Dr. Clark’s belief that ‘parasites were the root of all disease’ – her knowledge regarding them was top notch.

Because her published instructions regarding the preparation of her parasite cleanse ingredients was geared toward the individual doing so in their kitchen, translation to a commercial setting was not possible. Realizing this and understanding that the preparation of her ingredients were key to their success, we were extremely fortunate that Dr. Clark agreed to meet with our lab technicians to insure that we would be preparing her recommended products according to her strict specifications! After some work, a procedure was completed and has been followed ever since, that insures the final products meet Dr. Clark’s standards and have been manufactured safely and effectively.

Dr. Clark recommends three products in her parasite cleanse kit: cloves, wormwood, and black walnut tincture. She relies on the black walnut and wormwood to kill the adult and developing parasites, while the cloves are essential for killing the eggs. Dr. Clark is adamant that all three of these ingredients be used together and in the amounts she suggests. If not she sates her research shows their effectiveness will not be reliable. Interestingly, her basic parasite cleanse is an 18 day procedure that involves different amounts of each ingredient on different days. On some of the days, not all three ingredients are taken! This is why, she explains, that these ingredients must be made as separate products and cannot be combined into one formula!

It is also interesting to note that Dr. Clark’s recommends the use of only 3 ingredients to be taken in specific amounts for a period of 18 days. These recommendations are based on the life cycle of parasites. Through her research, she determined that an 18 day cleanse would be the most effective because it was in sync with parasite life cycles and cleansing for 30 to 60 days was not only unnecessary, but could be harmful. Additionally, she determined that when prepared and used according to her instructions, only these three ingredients (cloves, wormwood, and black walnut tincture) were needed to effectively kill both the adult, larval, and egg stages of parasites. She acknowledges that other ingredients can be helpful, but are not necessary. As a naturalist, she did not think taking any medication (from herbal to prescription drug) that was unnecessary was healthy decision.

The clove ingredient that Dr. Clark refers to is the exact same common spice used in baking. Cloves are the aromatic dried flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae. They are native to the Maluku islands in Indonesia, but today are harvested in Indonesia, India, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The clove tree is an evergreen that grows to a height ranging from 8–12 m, and has large leaves and sanguine flowers in numerous groups of terminal clusters. Theses flower clusters are dried to produce a spice that is used in cuisines all over the world.
When using this spice for parasite cleansing, there is one catch! In order to work, the cloves MUST be freshly ground. According to Dr. Clark’s strict standards, only freshly ground cloves have the properties necessary to kill parasite eggs. In her writings, she stresses that store bought ground cloves will NOT work! She goes on to say that there are only two ways to get cloves freshly ground: Grind them yourself, or purchase them from a company that follows her preparation procedure (freshly ground, encapsulated, and air tight sealed within 24 hours). Don’t take it for granted that just because you’re buying clove capsules in a sealed bottle that they have been prepared properly. Many manufacturers buy pre-ground cloves and simply encapsulate and bottle them. Dr Clark cautions that this type of preparation yields an ineffective clove product that will have no effect in killing parasite eggs. Please note that OneLifeUSA manufactures our clove product in accordance with Dr. Clark’s strict standards.

There are websites stating that cloves are toxic. Please note, this only refers to the pure oil of clove, not the dried form. Additionally, even for the oil to be toxic, it must be injected or used in excessive amounts. Oil of clove is sold in health food stores and is effective for relieving the pain associated with tooth aches and cold sores. It is important to follow the instructions provided on the label of these products. Once again, the dried form used as a spice in your Grandmother’s pumpkin pie or recommended by Dr. Clark for parasite cleansing is NOT a toxic substance.


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